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Get 3 Quick Tips on What to Do After a Self-Defense Incident
Are you prepared for the
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"Firearms Legal Protection is there so you win the fight after the fight and are able to carry on with your life."                                               - John Correia
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So you've put the time into training for a self-defense situation and you are prepared in case you are ever forced to fight for your life. But what then? Have you planned for the financial and emotional costs? Are you prepared for the fight after the fight?

After you defend yourself, Firearms Legal Protection is with you every step of the way, providing you peace of mind and helping you protect your freedom and financial resources. Get prepared today for the fight after the fight.
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Keep informed of your rights as a lawful gun owner and learn the importance of having a local, experienced criminal attorney
With Firearms Legal Protection you will learn what needs to be in your After Action Plan to be prepared for a self-defense event
Preserve your freedom and assets, with an uncapped legal defense plan today that will provide criminal and civil legal services
Have peace of mind knowing that your price will never increase with one of our coverage plans starting as low as $9.95 per month
Get the unparalleded legal expertise of our network of both criminal and civil board-certified attorneys that are skilled in self-defense law
Be "locked for life" with our promise that your membership price will never increase as long as you are a member of FLP
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